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tv   Speaker Paul Ryan Statement on White House Bid  CSPAN  April 13, 2016 1:24am-1:31am EDT

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has allowed them -- questions or comments about political fundraising, that individual candidates, we can walk you through that. website, open seat -- open pennsylvania, a republican, bill, good morning. caller: once again, i am first up in the conversation and is difficult to know where it is -- going.n general, in general, i am very concerned about so much be made of money buying votes and all that sort of thing. the only thing that counts is what the vote actually was. how did your legislator vote on specific measures? i do not care whether the guy is bought and paid for.
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i care about the way he votes and how that fits in with the way i think the government should go. finding who contributed what tells me nothing about sound policy, it tells me nothing about whether there is anything good or bad to the contributors point of view. it drives me nuts that the public is generally being told that the government is bribed without anyhings, ornection to the legislation the rules or the things that are actually done and whether or not i agree with them. it just comes down to the voting record? yes.: yes -- caller: we spent all this time this morning on the subject, which -- it doests only if
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not count at all. what counts is what the government does. the more i go on the more frustrated i get. host: i appreciate the call. spend your was time looking into the money that goes into these campaigns. guest: i think we have had evidence that at times, money has been a very powerful force in washington and that is why corporations stands a much money to lobby congress and try to shape policies in the government. spent touch is being elect members who are going to represent the interests of those donors. if those are the interests of those constituents, that is generally viewed as good. special narrow group of moneyed interests, then
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that puts a heavier burden both on legislators and the folks they represent to hold them accountable, to make sure that the money is not speaking louder than the merits of the policies they are deciding. i agree that money is not everything. money is simply one factor that the public and the press need to pay attention to her but it is a fascinating lens through which to look at washington. i think it is critical. while it is true that money is to sustain a candidate not otherwise viable, that does not good campaign organization and good connections in terms of their rapport with the voters, it is so youl to victory, and cannot win without money. and that is why i think it bears scrutiny. lensesne of the clearest to look at it through, and the easiest to use his open
1:28 am if you want to at their website as we talk about it in the second. iris is in michigan, and independence. good morning. caller: good morning to you all. god bless america. wondering when this noncompete policy will affect the government, so that when you leave government, you are done with government and you can't use your cloud or your power and go into these five are ones -- 501's, which seems to be a stepping stone into having more clout with the government then you had before, because now you have access. and why is politics of different from what we call the real world? when are they going to match up with the people that actually employ them? are they supposedly working for us, not us for them? 1's,when you are in these 50
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and you don't pay taxes, don't you have a different perspective on everything? we need to kind of cleanup the act and take it backed to what it was before the government 's forped these 501 themselves. i was just wondering what this young lady has to say about that, and god bless her. host: you want to start with the work you do to track that? guest: on open secrets, you can find a database called a revolving door database where you see personnel that have revolved out of government service into positions presenting private industry. some of them are evolving into the super pac's to work as political operatives for these nonprofits. it's important to look at this because these are influential
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people who are bringing with often quite fresh contacts with powerful people in congress and in government, and ed whilee they develop in public service. they may leave the jobs for organizations board jobs is political operatives working for these super pac's and nonprofits intevac into government and bring with them the views and themests and bring with the views and of their employers. creatednot specifically by money, but money does play a role. in order to lower a senior , those to do lobbying firms pay a premium because they can charge more to their clients to have that sort of shortcut on offer. door is anng important aspect of all this. i wanto


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